Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lipan oh lipan

How often do you dream of something in your sleep? When and if you do, how often do you actually remember about your dream? I often have dreamless sleeps but sometimes I do have weird dreams. I hardly have a pleasant dream. Or perhaps, I did but I don't remember it. The thing is, of late I have been dreaming about lipan. It creeps and scares the hell out of me and it doesn't help that sometimes I bump into them. One time a huge one appeared out of nowhere while I was taking my bath so I grabbed the towel and frantically looked for the aerosol. When you needed one, that’s when you couldn’t find it, or you don’t see it because you were too menggelabah to see it. At the end, I called my maid. I didn't dare kill it because it was huge! And it moved so fast that I’m scared that it will climb on my leg. *shivers* And then another time a teeny weenie baby lipan appeared out of nowhere. I grabbed the pail and hit and squash it dead. lantakla kalau baldi tu pecah, yang penting lipan tu mati. Seriously, what are the odds? Why do they have to come to me?

And it doesn’t help that I even dream about them. Is there some kind of hidden meaning behind the dream or perhaps I got too carried away? Whatever the reason may be, it is not a pleasant feeling. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

nasib baik u mimpi lipan.. kalau mimpi ular tu maksudnya jodoh makin dekat.. hehe

-ur silent reader-

Izyan Darling said...

hello silent reader!
hmm...baik mimpi ular kalau camtu. at least tau meaning nya. lipan? scary ada lah. huhu.

sis said...

Aww poor babester! Hehe I so know how geli and terpaku u can be! Apa lagi, jemprittt aja panggil bibikkk!!!

Miera Nadhirah said...

I freak out too when I see lipan...And staying outskirts KL, there are lipans and even snakes around... I hate it...Eeeuuuwww...
And I can accidently kick a baby snake(cobra) once and ended up screaming blue murder.
And mind you it's real... not a dream.. but I think it should be good.. Wish for the best..

Izyan Darling said...

tau takpe! havoc and chaos ok. huhu. menggelupur aku panggil bibik. ahaks.

brrrrrrrrr....the thought of it is enuf to send shivers down my spine. i cannot imagine if i bump into a snake. mungkin i pengsan di situ jugak huhu.

Malicious Mind said...

oh my god. I was with farazwin once pegi jogging and i accidently terpijak HUTAN LIPAN which is beso gile and long. I truly feel you.. SERAM!!!

Izyan Darling said...

how come u boleh terpijak a lipan? euwwwwwwww! i dare not imagine how huge it was but whatever it is, it creeps the hell out of me just by thinking about it. :|