Thursday, March 26, 2009

do your part

so we have less than 48 hours to go until the much anticipated Earth Hour. everyone is encouraged, or rather urged to turn off the lights for one hour on 28 March 2009 from 830pm to 930pm. i wonder how many people would actually turn off the lights. i think we should turn off most, if not all electrical appliances, save and except for the refrigerator.
however, from what i learn, many events will take place all around KL. for instance, there will be an event in Starhill, one in Mont Kiara and also Capsquare, among others. the question is, what is the point of turning off the lights when most people, youngsters especially will be out and about, driving their vehicles to the events, partying away, with sounds and lights blasting all night long? ok maybe during that one hour period, the lights will be turned off and no music will be played (if i am not mistaken, at one of the events, the musicians will be performing acapella) but later on, i'm sure it will be played all night, which may use more energy than what was saved during the one hour period. this is just my two cents worth but i think it defeats the purpose.
well, i won't be in the country on that day anyway but then again, if i were, maybe, just maybe i will be at one of the places i mentioned above. if i am married, i'm sure i'll just stay at home and make full use of the dark by making love having a nice, romantic candle-lit dinner with my loved one but then i'm not so scrap that thought.
wherever i may be, I'll try to do my part and turn off the lights and other electrical appliances too, if it is possible.
what about you? what are you going to do and where will you be on that date, at that particular time?


Ms.Silent said...

me? will be helping my fiance mom preparing food..their having a makan-makan..

not sure wether i'll be preparing in the dark...he he he

Izyan Darling said...

ok at least we have one family here who will not turn off their lights hehe. have fun at the makan-makan ms. silent!