Tuesday, March 17, 2009


here's the thing about calling in radio stations. either you did not manage to get through because the line is busy or when (and if) you do, you are either not the caller that they're looking for OR it is not the cue to call yet.

Hitz.fm is currently giving away tickets to the Sunburst Music Festival so as i was driving from Court today, i heard the deejay (i wasn't sure who he was) saying about the ticket giveaway, which i thought was the cue to call. so i immediately reached for my phone in my handbag (had to korek2 the bag, which was on the floor of the passenger seat) and frantically tried to call in. to my surprise, there was a ringing tone at the other end. so i thought, hmmmm this is gonna be easy. and then the deejay picked up the phone. he said, "hello hitz.fm. who is this?" i said, "helloooo...this is Izyan sepaking" and then he said, "Hi Izyan. apa khabar?" "Baikkkkk." of course lah i felt baik because first, i managed to get through the line and second, they actually picked up the phone so i mati2 thought that i'm the caller that they're looking for. and then he asked me, "so Izyan, what can i do for you?" i answered, "I wanna win the Sunburst tickets" and then he said, "Ohhhh the tickets. tell me, who do you wanna see at the music festival?" to be honest, i don't have any singer/band in particular that i like and i don't remember nuts who will be performing anyway but earlier i heard a caller said he wants to watch N.E.R.D so i simply said "i wanna see N.E.R.D!" padahal i don't even know their songs pun! hahaha. and then the deejay asked me "why do you wanna see them?" so i just said "because they're the bomb!!" lame, i know but what was i suppose to say, right? hahaha. luckily he didn't ask me to name their songs or else i would be so malu. and then he said "tell you what Izyan, i can't exactly give you the tickets right now" damn! i said, "why not??" he said "because it's not the cue to call yet" hampehhhhhh....so i said, "ohhh i thought i heard the cue to call?" then he said, "nooo that was a trick actually but we're gonna give the tickets at 12 so stay tuned." uh huh...then i said, "no wonder i can get through the line so easily. oh well, i guess i'll be on standby then."

so there. i almost won the tickets. almost.


Ms.Silent said...


almost.....! he he he

Zaim said...


Izyan Darling said...

ms silent,
yeah. almost. better luck next time, huh?

there you go again with ur legal term. huhu.

Bads said...

argh so near yet so far!

if i were him, i wouldn't even bother asking you who you wanna see perform.. i'd just tell you it's not the cue yet.. tak ya lah nak lead ppl on... hehhehe emo..

Izyan Darling said...

itulah pasal! rugi kan? and what's with the 'trick' kan?? saba je la~ dah elok2 dapat call, bukan cue pulak.

Malicious Mind said...

*LOL*. Kene trick.. I find it funny.. was that on air? hope not..

Izyan Darling said...

kak dana,
i'm not sure whether they played it on air or not. i waited lama jugak buat xde pun. unless they played very much later on. bikin malu saja~