Tuesday, November 18, 2008

black & white

Wearing white shirt with black pants has almost become my ‘uniform’. So much so that when I go shopping, or when I look at work attire, I would end up looking at white shirts. As much as colored shirts and tops tempt and attract me, I would think twice to buy them. Simply because, I wear a white shirt almost everyday to the office. On days where the legs are clean-shaven, Occasionally, I would pair the white shirt with a black skirt. Therefore, I would buy more and more white shirts, be it long sleeve or short sleeve. I would only wear colored shirts with matching earrings on days when I don’t have to attend court. But then again, how fancy can a white shirt be, right? And then there’s the dilemma when buying white shirt where most shirts are almost see-through. So I had to find the correct undergarment to be worn so as not to attract unwanted attention. Since the office is very near to KLCC and Pavilion, I would sometimes kill time after office, to avoid from getting stuck in the jam. What better way to unwind after a long day than to have a walk at the mall, ogling and drooling over buns and cakes, chocolates and pretzels, pizzas and pies, smelling the sweet smell of freshly baked Rotiboy and Famous Amos and the heavenly smell of freshly brewed coffee? Not to mention the clothes, shoes and handbags, of course. However I cannot help but feel like a salesgirl/sales-assistant/promoter when going to shopping malls simply because of my black-white combo. *sigh*

Last Friday I was busy choosing some silver pieces at Isetan for my Bestie when an auntie almost called me because she thought I was the salesgirl. I guess my handbag must have saved me because when I turned around, she tak jadi call me. Obviously a salesgirl won’t be walking around with a handbag on tow, right? STRIKE ONE! After making my purchase, I returned to the counter to collect my piece and then I walked off. On the way out, there was this booth selling some cosmetics from God-knows-where so I stopped and belek-belek the mascara. One of the salesgirls approached me and started to promote the mascara. And then she asked me, “awak kerja sini ah?” STRIKE TWO! Ughhhh! So I said, “no laaaaa! I x kerja sini ok!”

So the question is why do salesgirls/sales-assistants/promoters wear a white shirt and black pants? In some restaurants, waiters and waitresses also wear the same combo. Luckily so far I have never been mistaken as a waitress. Can we make them wear colours instead? Can we?

Note to self: always have a jacket/cardigan on standby to be worn over the white shirt.



Sasha Lyna said...

hahahha..the everyday life of a litigator..yup, we can help BUT look for wqhite shirts whenever we can..its becoming such a sad case..im also looking/buying/tempah-ing baju kurung black n white n once, ade pakcik tu ckp, mn ade org nk cari kain itam, utk berkabung jer tuh..sedey sungguh...
MeB patut ade boutique for lawyers..kan senang..

GREN said...

hahaha! dah nasib lawyer2 ni belaja tinggi2 pun org ingat salesgirl.
aku nak suggestkan, kalo ko x nak dianggap salesgirl, ko kene la jadi corporate lawyer.
br leh pakai baju2 yang berwarne warni and funky!

Izyan Darling said...

i had difficulties looking for a black/white kain for baju kurung. kalau tanya kat kedai, dorg akan pelik. "mana ada kain itam putih kak..." ye la tuu...boutique for lawyers-dats a good idea!

itu la pasal. blaja tertonggeng2 tertdo2 dalam class bagai nak rak, stayback till pagi tapi orang igt kita salesgirl. sabar je la...well aku buat gak corporate nye kes tapi litigation pun aku buat. tu la nak kena ada jaket/cardigan yg funky la jawabnya. kang pakai jaket itam jalan2 klcc/pavilion cam poyo gila plak hahaha.

sis said...

babester, whenever i see black & white shirts, mesti teringat kat ko...come, come, come & shop here!

Hotstuff said...

Black & white...hmmm. Sometime ago there's this famous tv show - the black & white minstrel show, then darlie toothpaste was known as darkie: black guy with white teeth, piano keyboard - black & white keys, colour of penguin? zebra? also taik cicak? & there's this cute joke: what 's black & white, black & white, black & white & goes bump, bump, bump! Answer: penguin falling down/rolling down the stairs. hahaha - so funny???

Izyan Darling said...

cantik2 tak white shirts kat sana? but then how fancy can a white shirt be anyway? kalau fancy2 mana boleh pakai g court. end up with plain boring whites. bleugh~

yup. banyak kan benda yg black and white but we are always referred to as penguins (thank God coz they're cute hehe). speaking of penguins, the ones in Madagascar are so mischievous and naughty yet adorable at the same time. i imagine ur penguins falling/rolling down the stairs. kesiann... =D

Bads said...



i so remember a time walking around some departmental store, the shoes section in particular, and i was sitting down sebab penat but zein was looking around for shoes. and yes, he was in black and white and like you, he was also approached by some potential customer!! hahahaha i so remember this!!

btw every time i'm down, and i plan to get myself more white shirts (i'm particular when it comes to my white shirts, it kenot be plain plain cotton shirts, it has to have some stripes or something somewhere) but i can never find an affordable pretty one!

guys tend to have better selection.

so last raya, i bought two of the same shirt. haha. cause dah takde choice!

when i'm down again next month, i'll hunt more! haven't been to isetan in ages!

Izyan Darling said...

hahaha thank God!! i knew i wasn't alone! it's so annoying but we can't blame them now, can we? trust me, my white shirts are not the exactly plain ones. i have floral, striped, kotak2, ruffled u name it i have it but as i said, how fancy can it be, right? *sigh* at least guys can wear a nice tie.

~ohara~ said...

same here..dats why i prefer to wear black n white kurung..anyway, klu nk cri bj kurung itam putih tu yg cantik2..u pegi laa dekat euromoda ke..apa2 moda laa kat jalan TAR tu..tp yg lecehnye kain itam putih yg dia jual slalu nye dryclean type..italian silk la..tp sumpah mmg lawa ok...tp slalu jarang2 n kna lining lg..tp i redah jerr,,,hahah

Izyan Darling said...

betul kan, it made us feel like a salesgirl. kalau beli kain yg kena dryclean, leceh la pulak sebab it's something yg kita pakai almost every day. satu hal la nk anta/ambik kat dry cleaners. hehe.

Bads said...

ohh my mum so won't let me wear flower flower baju kurung hitam putih.. she made me a black n white baju kurung (i.e. plain white and plain black kain ok) and when I went to court, ppl would tell me I look like some Puteri Islam but lain colour! So keji! =P And even funnier, all my mum's black n white baju kurungs are all like that!! she sooooooo wants me to look like her!

takpe I'm going to Bandung next week and will shop for pretty kain then.. not so flower power and not so Puteri Islamish.

Mama kewl said...

Black & white seems to be a fav colour of the service industry, probably cos it looks very clean, businesslike & formal.It depends on the wearer tho. Worn with poise & elegance & exuding confidence - that differentiates a salesgirl & a lawyer....