Wednesday, November 26, 2008

double check

what i like about going out alone is that i can take my own bloody sweet time, i can spend as much time i want in a shop and i don't have to think about other people's time or worry that they might get bored waiting for me. today was no exception. since the sale is starting real soon, i thought that i might as well go survey for some stuffs. survey2 dulu. start sale baru la beli, kan?
then i went to Watson's to purchase some toiletries. i saw its catalogue earlier today and the sale is on and things are looking good. i spent a good 40 minutes or so in Watson's alone just looking at stuffs, contemplating whether to buy or not to buy, put it in my basket, and then put it back on the rack. walked on and then something caught my eye so i read the packaging and contemplate some more. and then there's the christmas goodies section which was so interesting that i just had to belek-belek the soft toys and ornaments. eventually i went to the cashier to pay up, that is after my feet was starting to kill me. i bought Watson's dental floss, which retailed at RM 9.90 for a pack of 3 and when you buy 1, you get 1 free *woot* (now i have 6 boxes of dental floss hahaha) and a Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder, among other things. the funny thing is, when paying, i saw that the cashier charged me twice for the dental floss so i asked, "dental floss tu bukan buy 1 free 1 ke?" she answered, "a'ah takpe dah tolak balik." uh huh. why didn't they just charge it as one? or pack it together? confusing, right? she then gave me my receipt attached together with a contest form and directed me to submit my form in the box nearby. i left Watson's and somehow i had the gut feeling that the calculation was not right. i mean, i bought some simple stuffs like baby lotion, face wash, body wash etc and the total came to RM 77.05? i felt dissatisfied. it's not like i'm buying expensive stuffs anyway so i sat at the nearby bench (afterall the feet was screaming for help) and i calculated a few times with my handphone. so okay, the amount was correct afterall. then i noticed the price of the Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder was RM 15.90. i thought i saw the label on the rack RM 12.80. i went back in and checked the price and true enough, the displayed price was RM 12.80. i went to the cashier and told the girl that there was some error. she went and checked and passed my receipt to the girl who attended to me earlier. they didn't have the courtesy to apologize so i said, "macam mana boleh silap ye? harga kat situ lain, bila bayar lain." dengan endah tak endah she answered, "diaorang tak update bar code kot kak." uh huh. lame excuse! of course i had to say something back "aaa tu lah, dah tau nak buat sale, make sure la price letak betul2. tak pasal2 customer kena tipu. ni pun naib baik saya check, kan?" she didn't say anything and returned my RM 3.10 (which i used to buy a chocolate sundae at Burger King later on and forgot about my aching feet for a while).
the moral of the story is, always check the displayed price and always double check your receipt, especially during sales. this might be a mistake on their part, something that they may have over looked (which they shouldn't anyway) but imagine if 10 customers went through the same thing, how much would they have made? how much loss would the customers have suffered? so ladies (and gentleman) it pays to belek-belek lama-lama, kan?


Zaim said...

i only go to guardians.

watsons macam barang lama2.

twayblade said...

i bought my ikea dining table at a discounted price in july, but the sale was actually in april and they forgot to replace the price tag. so got the table for the displayed price and surprisingly those ikea staffs didnt argue much with us for insisting that we bought the table based on the price shown. customer is always right kan?!

hid said...


i pun selalu check back all my things after paying..

kalau tak, buat rugi duit jek!

good for u babe!

Anonymous said...

u know what, the same situation happened to me and my mom before. we went to giant gombak (yg dekat dgn batu caves tu) to buy groceries. my mom jenis yg ingat harga of all the stuff she used to buy every month.. so dia mmg bajet dlm rm300 camtu la. mmg xkan exceed punyalah. then masa nak bayar after the cashier all the stuff, the total bill came out rm400++.. kitorg mmg tekejut gila. i dint have credit card and so was my mom.. gila la bersusah payah korek2 walllet nak cukupkan lg rm100. malu okk.. org dhla ramai q.. then lepas bayar2 sume.. kitorg cek balik receipt. tgk2 the cashier key in the susu pekat manis 13 tin !!! (we only bought 3 tins ok.. gila ke hapa nak beli sampai 13 tin). lepas tu konfemlah cashier tu kene maki kau2 dengan kitorg.. pasal refund duit xde masalah..mmg diorg admit it's their mistake.. tapi part malu sbb dok mengorek wallet.

lepas tu kitorg taknak pegi giant situ lg dah.. it always happened.. so pls check ur receipts after u made the payments.

owh about watson.. they have weird way of entering the price into the cashier machine. katala harga syampu tu rm5 tp ada 10% discount.. they still key in rm5 tp dia akan tolak in the final printed receipts. tu mmg konfuse ok.. so moral of the story pls check the receipts.. (like u did !!)

~ohara~ said...

serious ke cam tu?i jenis tak pnah cek blk rceipt...agak2 brapa ek i dh kna ni?hahah.pasni kna be more careful laa..

Mama kewl said...

Now dat ur spending ur own hard earned money, ur wiser & more calculative...heheh. It happens all da time & at almost every shop. So just know the price of each item dat u've taken & why not stand in front of the price monitor & see what amount the cashier keys in & catch immediately when the price is shown. Saves the problem of counting elsewhere & coming back
for a refund.

Izyan Darling said...

i go to guardians jugak bila sale tapi sesetengah barang di guardian, harganya lagi mahal dari d watson's.

yes, customer is always right. tu i cakap, dorang ni kenala make sure letak price betul2. ni buat confuse customer je.

memang kena cek, always! lantakla kalau beberapa sen pun kan, duit kita wat. =P

teruknya u kena!!! sampai 13tin dicasnya sdgkan u amik 3 tin je? nasib baik cek kan. xpasal2 rugi. tu la i benci cara watson's key in harga barang. dorg hanya akan deduct dalam resit tu. apa la salahnya key in je after discount nye price, kan?

better u cek. semalam my colleague pergi watson's. dia ckp masa bayar tu, sorg key in harga, sorg masukkan brg dlm plastik. yg masukkan brg dlm plastik cakap kat cashier tu "yang ni ada X% discount tau." so my colleague ni xdela cek harga barang tu. balik2 dia tgk, xde deduct pun. still harga befoe discount jugak. tapi dia pun 'bijak', dia pergi buang resit sebab dia kata "takpelah 60sen je, malas nk kecoh2" orang macam ni la yg watson's suka.

mama kewl,
my mistake jugak sebab tak tengok betul2 harga yg dorg key in. terkial2 jugak la tekan calculator kat handphone haha.