Tuesday, July 22, 2008

weekend project part 10

When one of my best friends decide to tie the knot, I got together with my two other best friends and we came up with a plan to have a bachelorette party last weekend. Nothing kinky and/or naughty took place unfortunately but we had a fabulous time. We ordered the bride to be a box of lovely cupcakes bearing the words "AIMI BRIDE TO BE." initially we wanted to have kinky, naughty and saucy designs (which I shall leave to your imagination) but unfortunately due to the sensitivity of their customers, the cupcake person denied our request. pfft. So we had to settle with a typical simple yet sweet wedding design to suit the theme, which consists of a white wedding gown, a black tuxedo, wedding rings, a white dove, a bouquet of flowers and some love designs. Details of the ‘party’ are as follows and the rest, I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Date: Saturday, 19 July 2008
Time: 8.30pm till late
Venue: Flaming Steamboat and Borneo Rainforest, Bandar Sunway
Event: Aimi's bride-to-be bachelorette party
Theme: Black and Pink
Attendees: Aimi the bride-to be, Iza, Susan and Yours Truly

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