Thursday, July 17, 2008

i have succumbed

i heard on radio that Wednesday 16th July 08 was hari tidak berbelanja(?) whatever. so people are advised not to buy anything at all on that particular day. so i thought, ok, I shall not buy anything today (except for Hellboy tickets-which i slept through the first half an hour or so! and a bowl of Taiwan Noodle that is). as i was walking by Isetan's supermarket, lo and behold! i saw this.
guess how much it was retailed at? RM 11.90. normal price was RM14.50 i think. so i just HAD to buy. these people are clever. why do they have to sell at a cheap price on the hari tidak berbelanja, of all days?

screw the nutrition facts.

the cookies in all their glory.

in my defence, i need it to keep me sane on the road what with the terrible jam everywhere, no thanks to abang-abang and pakcik-pakcik polis yang berdiri tercegat dan buat-buat penting and busy di jalan-jalan roadblocks and whatnot. see, us rakyats suffer from the political games that they are playing! i am so blaming the authorities for this.


Anonymous said...

tpkan, if u notice, the cookies yang jual in the supermarket does not taste as good as the freshly baked ones at the kiosks.. those are much yummier and cruncier !! nyammm..

ohhh i wish someone can buy me 1000kg of famous amos cookies. hehe

Izyan Darling said...

that, i must agree. nothing beats freshly baked cookies. but since it so cheap, terpaksalah i beli. hehe. i wish the same too. i wish i can have unlimited supply of famous amos cookies. that would be bliss. =)

Malicious Mind said...

now i feel like having one of those..