Saturday, July 26, 2008

bleugh! part 10

  1. i simply cannot stand seeing policemen standing, i repeat STANDING makan gaji buta by the road, doing nothing when there is traffic to be manned, especially at Pekeliling area in the morning. i swear to you i jeling at them this morning because traffic was like hell but what did they do? nothing. bloody hell. i'm sure one of them saw me jeling at them (but after that cuak because they might note my car registration number haha). another spot is the Duta roundabout in the evening. seriously, if only looks could kill...
  2. where the hell are DBKL and/or the police? i hate passing through Jalan Yap Kwan Seng especially in the morning and in the evening (but I have no choice) because there are cars parked by the roadside, in front of the kedai mamak which is obviously marked yellow line and with a "no parking" sign. there is a police booth but of course, they just sit there makan gaji buta. who cares if they are not the traffic police but go and saman these a**holes lah. it is obvious that they are obstructing the traffic. Duuuhhh!
  3. so the police are makan-ing gaji buta, the DBKL, on the other hand, is probably makan rasuah. The reason I am saying this (and I am not striking through the words) is because the road leading to Jalan Pinang from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is left from three lanes to one lane simply because the drivers of some big taikos will park their big a** shiny cars by the roadside, which is of course marked yellow line waiting for their taikos to come out from the office/meeting/quickie etc. and then there were big a** bas persiaran eating up the whole road while waiting for the tourists to finish their shopping and sightseeing. To top things off, taxis will double park and also will stop the moment they see a victim potential passenger. Without giving signal, of course.

Tak pasal2 buat dosa kering hari2.

to de-stress, i had these.

On a happier note, the sis is coming back tomorrow weeehooo! I can’t wait to see the stuffs that she got me her and stress over the wedding preps do girly stuffs together!


Malicious Mind said...

you really have good taste in food!

macam teringin nak makan that kek!

Izyan Darling said...

i love my food thus the shape i am now. haha. itu kek sangat sedap woooo. you can see the chocolate melting.