Friday, April 11, 2008

work it out

Some time last month, two people came to my office and promoted this RM30 for 30 days membership at True Fitness so I thought; I should give it a try. So the other day off I went with my officemates and we were greeted, attended to and treated very nicely. They even called me a few times confirming my attendance. We were each assigned a trainer and unfortunately I got a female trainer. How boring Anyway the trainer was friendly, a bit too friendly, which made me feel weird. First she said that I look like a twenty year-old. Right. Then she said I’m cute. Uh huh. And then when I was about to ride on one of those machines, she said, “ala cutenya cara u naik benda ni.” Hmmm. And when I was looking myself into the mirror, she said, “dah lawa dah.” Ok, that was it, I thought. It struck my mind, “is this girl lesbian?” Not that I’m anti-lesbo, mind you. I mean come on. How much can a girl compliment another girl, right? Of course I appreciate and was flattered with the compliments. Well, who doesn’t? But if a person compliments me a bit too much, I’ll start thinking that that person must have something fishy going on. Unless, of course, they are really sincere about it but I’ll never know, would I? Anyway I knew right from the start that it was just another tactic to make me feel appreciated and happy with their services that I would sign up for membership. Tough luck, guys. You ain’t foolin’ me easily. At least not with your sweet talk.

By the by, I didn’t know that the gym is full of hot cute trainers and customers. Hahaha. I told a friend about this and he said, “kalau nak pergi gym, niat kena betul. Ni dah lari niat ni.” Duuh. I said to him, “kalau ada trainers yang cute, lagila motivated I nak pergi gym, kan?” I’m sure I burned a few calories just by looking at them because my heart rate definitely goes up So my session with my trainer went well. She pushed me to the max. At the end of the session, it is the moment of truth. She gave me my evaluation. Apparently I am overweight, obese, in the red zone, have massive body fat, have no endurance, no strength and all things bad. Gaaaaah! I agree about being overweight, no endurance and no strength but obese? She showed me the figures and it is scary. If I am obese, I dread to think about those people who are bigger and fatter than I am. I seriously think that the figures are lying. It is probably one of their strategies, or ploys rather to get me to sign up. She suggested me to have a personal trainer for this whole month and guess how much it will cost? RM100 per hour per session, which she suggested me to take 8 bloody sessions!! That will be a whopping RM800 for one month. If I’m earning 5k per month, then that will not be a problem lah kan? They were very very persuasive but I managed to turn them down, much to their obvious disappointment. They tried very hard to sell us the package saying that with credit card, I get 0% installment yada yada yada. Somehow rather I am glad that I don’t have a credit card (yet). Yes, they were surprised upon learning that I don’t own a credit card. However I am pretty sure that I would have sign up if I have one. And this, my friends is one of the the reason why I am still contemplating refuse to apply for credit card.

And oh, as for my trainer, it was obvious that she was disappointed and perhaps angry that I did not sign up that finally she said to me, in a harsh tone and muka taik, “dah, sign sini!” I was like, wtf? So unprofessional. Pffft.

Now i better start thinking of another method of losing weight. Perhaps i should also cut down on the donut intake. tsk. Dunkin' session was done but i still have Big Apple to go. tsk. life's a biatch.


Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

halemak.. gitu rupanye yek.. well at least dpt usha cute trainers while u were there.. huhu
kt pavillion ek? I applied for it too.. but just cudnt find the time to go yet.. so yg baki 29 days tu pegi lg tak? or kna sign up for pakej lain?

Izyan Darling said...

helooooo Len! =) oh yes, the cute trainers are the reason and/or motivation why i'm going again. baki 29 days yang ada tu, kenalah pergi, kalau x, rugi pulak. masih boleh guna all the facilities but they will try very hard to sell the packages lah. i don't think i wanna sign up anyway. bila u nak pergi? lemme know then we can meet for coffee and donuts. i mean, workout session. ahaks.

Anonymous said...

hi izyan.. i've been ur silence reader for a while.. and ur posts are hilarious la.. heheh.. lawak2 ok.. keep on writing babeh..

as for me.. i pun suka gak makan.. esp. yg manis2 mcm donut ke.. aiskrim ke.. kek.. coklat.. and cookies.. not to mention pasta and nasi.. hmmpphh.. tapi i keep myself fit by going to jazzercise classes.. it is like aerobics but lagi seronok.. or maybe u can try yoga.. im quite cynical when it comes to those kind of gyms sbb selalunya diorg mmg ada tektik2 mcmtu nak suruh kita sign up..

and babe.. pls dun sign up for any credit card.. ok ape u can maintain ur finances all these while without it.. so why start for one? unless u travel a lot to overseas and malas to carry a lot of cash.. tapi once u have a credit card then u will be tempted to spend spend and spend.. usually when i went travelling i will bring enough cash.. so there's no need for cc.. =)

Izyan Darling said...

hi anonymous. welcome to My CrAp ShEEt. and thanks for reading my crap. oh well, who doesn't like those sinful stuffs kan? semua yg u mention tu, semua tu i suka jugak, thus the 'kulit tebal'. ahaks. anyway i x sign up for membership pun altho they keep on calling. they look like they're desperate for customers la. oh i've heard about jazzercise but i tatau mana nak join. i suka jugak dancing2 ni. would love to try out salsa or even belly dancing hahaha but angan2 je lebih. as for the credit card, yup, so far i masih berjaya survive w/o it and i hope i can bertahan. thanks for ur advise yeah?

Malicious Mind said...

hahaha.. this is quite normal la fitness centre nak jual package.. I've been thru the same like u... at first jual Rm1,400 untuk 15 bulan package inclusive of all the classes like yoga, body pump, pilates, latino dance semua tuh.. then bile i dah sign up, ada pulak suh masuk kelas khas untuk personal trainer RM800 untuk few session. WTF?

tapi when i refuse tuh tak de lah orang tuh macam taik... tapi minah yang suruh u sign up and u turn down the offer tuh memang cipan sket la. kalau I dah lama dia kene sound.

cara lain nak loose weight, u can try eating less nasi n bread. more lauk. it works!

elviza said...

Ohhhh please, (by the way, I invoke a disclaimer that I am in no way to be considered as a lesbian after I finish this statement)you are not overweight.

How skinny you want to be? Paris Hilton looks pathetic to me!

Take care Izyan

p/s: but am an exercise-cynic, so dont listen to me!

Izyan Darling said...

sis dana, i told them that i'm sure after i finish this one month, they will start promoting other packages. nasib baik i berjaya menolak. but sis, u have no idea how much i've avoided rice. but the problem is, i take those sinful stuffs. sebab tu la xberkesan. tapi xpe, now i tgh mendisiplinkan diri and yesterday i berjaya xbeli donut kat Jco. but i bought one piece of cream puff at Beard Papa. heavenly. tsk. btw do u still go to the gym?

sis elviza, trust me i am not only overweight but apparently i am obese. according to them that is. sakit hati betul tgk all the figures. btw i xdela nak kurus macam paris hilton but i need to lose a lot of weight and inches so that i'll be able to fit into more clothes and look good in it. *fingers crossed*

Sis said...

start cycling to work! ahaks!

Izyan Darling said...

sis, if only the keadaan allows me to cycle, i would definitely cycle to work. but u see, this is KL, not Cambridge. sooo not sesuai to cycle la...ceh, mentang2la dia cycle ke lab. tu pun terpaksa, kan? wakakaka~