Tuesday, April 29, 2008

weekend project part 5

for a person who is konon2 beria nak kurus, diet, lose weight, inches and what not, this is what one should eat.


but instead, that one person has little or no willpower when she was introduced to this by her lil brother who says it's so sedap, heavenly, creamy and yummy. so that person just HAVE to try, doesn't she?

just look at those gorgeous vanilla cream oozing out. who can resist?? not me! gosh apparently this has become my new addiction. i can resist those holey, round thingy but this, so far i have succumbed not once but thrice.

and to make matters worse, i made these on Saturday.








thankfully i still have about 10 days left at the gym so i am gonna try to make full use of it. but it doesn't help that Beard Papa is located in the same building. tsk tsk. told ya life's a biatch.


farahlily said...

love those browniessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

ni yang rasa cam nak gi kedai beli the barangs and buat brownies gaks nih :p

Izyan Darling said...

yes, the brownies is so very sedap. my parents say it's a bit too sweet though but to me, the sweeter the better.

Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

x menarek lgsg gambo atas skali tu.. hehe..
vahh.. sgt rajin pegi gym eh..
I haven't got the chance to go yet.. (malas la tu).. huhu

Anonymous said...

izyan, ur sooo a domestic goddess !! i luv baking too tapi oven kat rumah tu mengong skit so kekadang kek masak separuh or worst hangus terus no matter how i adjusted the temp..

plssssss post entries like these again in the future.. i likee !! hehe

anyway.. kat mana bley beli beard papa ni? seems interesting

Izyan Darling said...

len, salad tu actually sedap sebab very fresh and crisp. dah dua kali i beli, sekali kat mercato pavilion, sekali kat cold storage klcc. very nice with the dressing and all. btw bila u nak pergi gym? mine's expiring this week.

anonymous, me a domestic goddess? hahaha. thanks. yeah i love baking and alhamdulillah it turns out fine so far. beard papa can be found in pavilion, midvalley and one utama. try la. sedap wooooo.

Mohamad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohamad said...

eh.. eh.. finally i can post comments!

izyan! i want some! :P

p/s : it was me who posted the earlier comment, just trying and thank god i've made it :D


Izyan Darling said...

yes, finally. maybe ur pele-peleness have reduced that's why boleh comment hahahah. want some ah? nanti i rajin i'll bake some more and give u a piece. hehe.

Bads said...


How've you been?? *hugs*

It looks so good!!! Does it taste as good as it looks??? Am so tempted to make some!

Will be adding you on my blog roll ok :)

p/s had to go thru some Tenancy Agreement the other day and thought of you (remember how u needed a template last year? now, I ade banyak giler!)

Take care!


farahlily said...

im tagging youuuuu!!!!!

Izyan Darling said...

am doing A-okay. =) oh dear, the brownie is super sedap u HAVE to try it. i'll be adding u here too. yay! now i have more ppl on my blog list. anyway yeah i wanted a Tenancy Agreement in BM last time. i already found it but it's very simple. i'll surely take note that when and if i need a TA, i'll go after u. hehe.

kak farah,
i can't wait to do the tag thingy. especially now that i have not much crap to crap about hahaha.

Malicious Mind said...

aww man. i love these..will try and tiru this from you soon.. and will tell u about it.. sangat drooling!!!

eeeeee.post up more about food and cara2 nak buat.. bleh amik tips.

hehehe :)