Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a tribute

This post is a tribute to the carb-filled, calorie-laden, yummylicious round holey dessert called donuts and to all donut fans out there. Ever since the Big Apple (hereinafter referred to as BA) donuts hit our shores, people have gone crazy and ditching the ol' skool Dunkin' Donuts (hereinafter referred to as DD). I don't know how long DD has been here but I remembered buying them during primary schools where each donut costs only eighty cents, if I’m not mistaken. it was the plain donut topped with chocolate glaze and at that time it tasted so good that every time the order came, we would ask permissions from our teachers to eat it in class there and then. Anyway BA was such a big hit until JCo (hereinafter referred to as JC) came. Again, people went crazy over JC that they almost forgot about BA, let alone DD. I love BA and I fell in love with it the moment I bit into its soft and fluffy dough. People started comparing BA and JC and most people said that JC is way better than BA. I personally think they are just about the same, in terms of softness and fluffiness but I must admit that they are both better than DD in terms of texture. However, before I met BA and JC, I met Krispy Kreme (hereinafter referred to as KK) in Hong Kong. This brand is so famous in the US and they have already made their appearances in Hong Kong and Jakarta but not Malaysia. i wonder when oh when are they coming here. anyway i know some of you are probably drooling by now so i'm not gonna be so kejam so as to let you drool without seeing the real thing so feast your eyes on these, ladies and gentleman.

Krispy Kreme in Hong Kong

No, i was not trying to be a Krispy Kreme model. i was just excited.

rambang mata

are you drooling already?

what would you do if you see both Krispy Kreme and JCo in one place?

you buy them both. that's what sis and I did in Jakarta.

we found Krispy Kreme and JCo in a shopping mall (Senayan City) and of course we couldn't resist so sis bought 1/2 dozen JCo and i bought 1/2 dozen Krispy Kreme and we had donuts galore that night.

Krispy Kreme donuts

JCo donuts

Speaking of donuts, a certain someone promised me a dunkin' session and i am looking forward to it real soon. and another person promised to buy me Big Apple donuts when i go to his area. mana la tak gomok

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