Thursday, January 03, 2013

weekend projects part 29 & 30

This is a combined post as it was done in two weekends. OK the second one is not a weekend but it's a holiday so it counts as a weekend project.
When I go back to my parents' house, my mum would request me to bake a cake. She loves freshly baked cakes and I love baking them so it's a win-win situation. Sometimes I am just too lazy to bake but how can I say No to my mum, right? She likes plain butter cakes but I like to take it up to another level because to me butter cake is, well, plain. 
For the first project, she actually requested for orange cake because there were oranges in the fridge. I'm all for baking as long as all the ingredients are available. I left my scrap book at home so I had to Google for a recipe and I found this recipe.

The cake was yummy but I made the icing a bit too runny and a bit too sweet. But you can definitely taste the orange in the cake as well as the icing. Surprisingly Dad enjoyed the cake too. He's not much of a cake lover, let alone sweet cakes like this but he had more than one slice. 

The second project was made on the last day of 2012. Again, Mum wanted a cake for tea so i thought, a marble cake would be nice for a change. I Googled and found this recipe.
I am all for a recipe that requires minimal ingredients and easy to follow. I also prefer recipes which uses cups as measuring tool because I hated using the weighing scale as I always fear that I won't get an accurate reading.

The marble cake is yummy but it's a bit dry and crumbly. Not something that I am proud of. Not sure if it's the recipe or my mistake. Next time I shall try a different recipe.

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