Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have always loved the month of January for these obvious reasons.
  1. It's the beginning of a new year
  2. It's our anniversary month
  3. It's my birthday month
However my January has been pretty hectic. Looking at my court diary is enough to give me headache. But thank God there are just so many holidays in January. Ok not really holidays but long weekends. For example, the first week of January itself was a pretty short week because New Year fell on Tuesday so work only started on Wednesday. And then there was last weekend. Last Thursday was Maulidur Rasul and Sunday was Thapusam. Boss was kind enough to close office on Friday too. So we got a 5-day weekend. That was a long weekend all right! And this weekend will be another long weekend with Friday being Hari Wilayah.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is the last day of my favourite month. Gosh time flies ever so fast these days. Or maybe I got too occupied with stuffs that I don't realize it huh?

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