Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Irene part 1

when we were in Genting Highlands on New Year's day, I saw a booth making wax hand prints/figures. I wanted to have one done for my baby. however, it was cold and the thought of having to dip her little hand and little feet in the wax does not sound like a good idea at that time. besides, she might pop her little hand into her mouth. i dare not take the risk so we passed. one day i went to Toys R Us and found this kit.

i bought one and couldn't wait to do it with my baby.

it is really easy to do. the instructions are at the back of the box.

i used an egg mold in the shape of a heart to mold the dough.

you know how babies always clamp their fists right? it took me a few attempts to get it right. it was so hard to get her to open her hands to get a good print but we finally made it. it was left to air dry for a few days. i used a paper clip to write the date.

see what i mean? of course i washed her hand immediately after that.

there are two types of frames, black and white but i took white. the frame was plain so i bought some stickers from Jusco.

i decorated the frame with the stickers. luckily we have enough letters to spell her name.

there you go. my little artist showing off her first art project. she was sleepy but i made her hold the frame, thus the frown on her face. hehe. there will be many more Project Irene in the future. yeay!


Anonymous said...

sis, beli kt mana ya?

Christina said...

Izyan! I'm dancinghearts from the BBC Sept 11 board :) How much is the footprint kit?? It looks awesome! Wanna ask my mom to get it for my baby :D
Email me: dancinghearts@gmail.com

Izyan Darling said...

beli di toys r us hartamas shopping center. tak sure di toys r us lain ada tak.

hey thanks for dropping by! i've emailed u.

Anonymous said...

brape ye hrganye?namza_libra@yahoo.com