Wednesday, September 22, 2010


i am re-selling two items which i bought from Supermodel's Secret.
i have two types of clip-in bangs made of kanekalon fibre, namely:
  • straight clip-in bangs in dark brown; and
  • slant clip-in bangs in dark brown
the reason i am re-selling the above is because i have recently dyed my hair brown. the colour may not appear light in pictures but under white lighting and under the sun, the colour is very obvious. therefore, since the hair colour is brown, the clip-in bangs look so contrasting when i put them on. even though they are in dark brown, they appear darker and almost black. therefore, instead of letting them waste, i am now re-selling them at a very affordable price of RM12 per piece, not including shipping charges. if you take both pieces, the price will be RM24 with free shipping charges. note that i will bear the shipping charges if you take both pieces.
i have only used them once and rest assured that both are in good and clean condition.

  • 1 piece=RM12 NOT INCLUSIVE shipping charges
  • 2 pieces=RM24 FREE shipping charges
if you are interested, drop me a comment or email me at


chenta said...

hi there..:)was bloghopping until i found urs..

i mcm interested tapi rambut i hitam la dear...tingin nak pakai time tunang nanti..:)

tapi kan why dont u put ur pic wearing that clip???mesti orang nak tengok how's the clip on you..

Izyan Darling said...

hello there. thank u for dropping by.
fyi, clip-in bangs tu memang kaler dark brown tapi lebih kepada black. tak macam dark brown pun. nanti i akan post gambar clip in bangs tu ok? ada 1 sample pic i pakai kat link ni
yang dalam pic tu ialah straight clip in bangs. pic i no 2 tu i yang slant kan sendiri. ni masa i belum beli slant punya lagi. as u can see, my lower hair was brown, as compared to the bangs yang hitam.
if you're really interested, nanti i bubuh pic dua2 bangs and u boleh tengok k?
thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

hi. i emailed u regarding the bangs. :)

Izyan Darling said...

replied ur email, anonymous! :)

Anonymous said... u still have the bangs?im super interested.sent u an email just now.thank u.

Izyan Darling said...

hi anonymous, i've replied to your email. :)

Alief said...

do you still have the bangs dear....???
really want it...
do mail me back