Wednesday, September 08, 2010

raya hair drama

last Sunday, mum and I went to Ampang Point to collect our baju raya and to do our hair. after trying on the baju, there are some alterations that needed to be done so we went to the salon to get our hair done.
this was before they started to do my hair at 1.50p.m. all was well until suddenly we hear a commotion outside the salon. we saw people running around and shouting "api!! api!!" we were like, wth? then the salon owner told us there was fire so we need to get out of the building pronto. we went down the stairs and had to wait outside the building.

luckily we were at the side of the building because a lot of people were staring, pointing and laughing at us. grrr...
but then again, we don't really blame them because i think we were the only ones with our hair half done and with the plastic cover and all. there was another lady at the salon who did rebonding for her hair but her hair was dry at that time. another lady was doing pedicure. so it's not noticeable, unlike us.
heheheh kesian my mummy. she did highlights and she had aluminium foils on her head. plus, she had a towel on her back. of course people noticed, right?

this was how i looked like standing outside the building. at one point, we asked the salon owner if they can tumpang another salon to finish our hair since we weren't sure how long it'll take us to stand outside. the salon owner told us the same thing happened early this year and they were made to wait outside for a good 2 hours or so. at that point, i thought to myself, "there goes my raya hair".
luckily, about 30 minutes later, we can go in the building again. phew~ when we came up, i noticed that most shops were closed. it's amazing how the staffs managed to close the grille and lock their shops in that situation.

weren't we supposed to just drop and leave everything behind in case of fire? but of course, they should know better. better to lock the shops than risk the shops being robbed, right? but whatever it is, safety should always come first.

this was the final product. i merely dyed my hair brown. i did not trim or cut or style my hair as i just had it cut last month so the hair is still short. the colour may not look that obvious in the picture though. trust me, the colour is much lighter in real life.

you know how going to the salon and getting your hair done can really make you feel good and pretty, right? i was feeling just that thus the vain pic. pantang nampak cermin! there are many more vain pics but i don't want you to puke and batal your puasa so i shall leave it at that. LOL.

i don't know how big or how serious the fire was and the extent of the damage but they said that the fire occurred at the food court, which is at the top floor. luckily all is well and life and business resume as usual the rest of the day. it was indeed an exciting experience that i get to share with my mummy. definitely a Ramadhan to remember.

to end this post, i would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims around the world Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin. please forgive me for all my wrongdoings, please forgive me if i have hurt your feelings in one way or another. have a happy Raya with your family and loved ones and may you be blessed always. stay safe wherever you are, have fun eating and don't worry too much about the calories or else you won't be able to enjoy yourself. just eat in moderation, if you can. if not, you can always hit the gym later. ;) life is too short to fret over small things anyway. also, stay safe wherever you are and to those who will be having a very long holiday, i hate to say this but i envy you. tsk~


Skinny Yash said...

alallalala...cantik cantik!!! :) i pon baru change my hair!!! :)

~f@R~ said...

Love the hair... Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin. Take care!