Monday, January 25, 2010

put to use

I bought this in Cardiff.

It was really cheap. I was lucky to have small feet as, guess what, these are size 4.5, for children. In Malaysia, my shoe size is 5, which I think is normal because most shoes on display are of size 5, so I’m lucky and it’s relatively easy to buy shoes my size. Except during sale because most size 5 shoes are already out of stock.

Anyway, when I bought the shoes, my family mocked me and made fun of me.

“Bila je nak jogging nya?”
“Macam la pakai pun kasut tu. Beli je lebih.”
“Tu nanti beli, simpan je la dalam almari kasut.”

And the list of mockeries go on.

But I went ahead and bought it anyway because it’s pink, it’s cute and it’s cheap. Really. That was about a month ago. I came back here on 2 January, about 22 days ago. And I only wore it last Saturday. The shoes have started to collect dust in the cupboard.What motivated me to finally put it to use?

These are the reasons:
Dinner on Friday at this stall in SS2 PJ was awesome.

Kailan Ikan Masin and Sup Lala.

Butter prawn and udang lipan masak cili kering.

If that is not enough, we then headed here.

Tak kenyang lagi ke dah makan nasi dengan seafood segala??

The durians may look small and pale in colour but they are really good. Soft, creamy, sweet. Perfect.

High makan durian....

The next day, guilty started to creep in. My burp and my pee smells of durians haha. So we went here.
But before that, we had these.

Cendol mamak in Jalan Gurney.

Then we burned the calories off by doing these.

But at night, I had more durians with pulut.



Malicious Mind said...

hey, that cendol looks yummeh. jalan gurney is in penang tu or in kl? nanti i wanna go there

Izyan Darling said...

it is yummy! this one is in Jalan Gurney KL, not the Jalan Gurney in Penang.