Saturday, December 12, 2009


what does Y.E.H stand for, you may wonder. if Y.E.S stands for Year End Sale, Y.E.H stands for Year End Holidays. YEH YEH!! I am blogging from KLIA at 1015hrs, Saturday 12 December 2009. I am about to board my flight at 1045hrs to Heathrow, London and I'll be gallavanting all across Europe (Spain, Portugal, Nice, Monaco and maybe Scotland) until New Year. oh yeah. 3 weeks of total relaxation, holiday joy, winter bliss and christmas shopping. you may not be able to reach me via mobile as i did not activate my international roaming, no thanks to Maxis for making me pay a good RM300.
so sayonara. adios. goodbye~ until next year, chow!!


dipsz said...

have a good holiday babe. til next year then!

Malicious Mind said...

OMG bestnye!

Bads said...

hope you're enjoying yourself!!