Thursday, December 10, 2009

car problem

this morning started well. until i reached Shah Alam. before exiting at Pusat Bandar Shah Alam, i stopped by at Petronas to get a can of Nescafe. i went back to my car and started the engine but it failed. ok, i tried again. and again. but failed. i drank the Nescafe to cool myself down. tried some more but it still couldn't start. ok this is bad, i thought. it feels like the battery's out. panic time!!! it was 850am by the way. i went in and asked for help from one of the staffs at Kedai Mesra.

"bang, boleh tolong tengok tak, kereta tak boleh start lah."

luckily he wanted to help. he tried to start, but the car refused to start. i called my office and asked my staff to call the court and asked to stand down the matter. in the middle of the panic, i told my staff that it was a sessions court matter. i gave her the summons number and what not as a sessions court matter. a few minutes later, she called me back.

"aku dah call court. court cakap takpe, datang pukul 930 atau 10 pun ok."

i was slightly relieved there. but then she said the court interpreter didn't even bother to take the summons number. and the court interpreter didn't even give his name. tak boleh jadi ni. i called my friend Sara, whom i know always goes to Shah Alam courts. luckily she was there but her matter was about to be called. i told her to stand down my matter for me, when she is done with hers. she said ok. i was a bit relieved.

as luck has it, one guy came to Petronas and parked his car beside my car and asked what the problem was. the Petronas guy told him about it and he tried to start my car. still no sign of the engine to start. he then suggested to jumpstart the car using his car.

oh, they asked me, "bila last you tukar bateri?"

"erm....tukar bateri? tak ingat lah..." (time ni malu ok)

"ada cek tak air bateri? ada isi?"

"erm...air bateri? eh ni bukan zero-maintenance nye bateri ke? kena isi air jugak ke?"

"ni bukan. you tengok ni, kan ada tempat isi air ni. kalau yang tak payah isi air, macam kereta i ni," while showing me his car battery.

uh huh...yeah. like i know the difference. by the way, after he jump start my car, my red baby comes alive again. phew~ i was already sweating by then. after thanking them about a million times, i went off. i called Sara to tell her that i'm already on my way to court.

i went up to sessions court only to realize it was a magistrates court matter. panic again. i quickly went up the stairs and luckily they have yet to call my file.

phew~ what a way to kick start the day, huh? terus tak mengantuk for the rest of the day!

oh, wait until you hear my story about the invasion of the ants pulak. macam-macam hal my red baby lately...

the good Samaritan who helped me.

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