Tuesday, June 09, 2009

school holidays and me

it is the school holidays again. so, what does this mean? it does not affect me in any way, but it sure affects the traffic all right. hey, but that does affect me! the thing about school holidays is that either traffic is clear in the morning (slightly that is) or traffic gets pretty damn bad. traffic is slightly clear in the morning simply because there are less people on the road sending their kids to school or they went on a holiday. traffic gets pretty damn bad in the afternoon and evening because that is when these people go out for sightseeing. and how is this causing the bad traffic? because they drive like they are really going for a sightseeing. you can actually tell that they are not from KL by their car numbers. ok some KLites do have outstation car numbers but a tell tale sign is that they drive very slowly either because they are enjoying the sights of KL or they are not sure of the roads or they are just taking their own sweet and happy time chit chatting and showing their kids around.
have you tried going to the malls during school holidays? yeah, see if you can find a parking under 10 minutes. and see if you can get into the toilets without having to queue. and don't even think about going to the cinemas unless you have booked the tickets online.


kruel74 said...

That is why it is the perfect time to go on holiday outside of KL...but be back just before the rush home comes up

Anonymous said...

either it's a holiday or not, doesn't change a bit lah!

road still congested, sigh

Anonymous said...

next week dah start school dah... hehehe

Bads said...

how true!!

my office is in a mall, (sad excuse of a mall, btw) and on lazy days when i drive to court and get to the office by 11am (after chitchatting n breakfast, haha) it'll be difficult to find a parking!

but i love school holidays for the empty lanes in the morning. i dunno how that works considering school would've started way before i leave my house and school holiday is not applicable to mak-bapaks.. but yeah.. i get to the office under 20 minutes (which is the normal time i get to town on weekends) =p

p/s i think mak-bapaks should go out of town instead of going to shopping malls. gives me a headache cari parking.