Tuesday, January 27, 2009

weekday project for that special someone

when you love someone, you would go all out for that person. you would want to do your very best for that person. but what if that person is far away from you? when there is love, nothing can stop you. so what better way to express your love than to make some home-baked cookies? however, as much as you want to bake from scratch as it means a whole lot more, sometimes you just don't have the time. so this comes to the rescue. hey, it's the thought that counts, remember? as long as it is made with love, it will turn out great and that person will definitely love it and appreciate you for doing it.

when it is done, cool it on a rack and put it in a nice air-tight container and give it to that special someone.
oh by the way, who is that special someone you may ask? it is none other than my beloved sister who is all the way in Cambridge. i got you there, didn't i?
sis, these cookies are made specially for you. i know you have yummy Millie's cookies (and other yummy cookies tsk tsk) over there but i bet you sure missed my home-baked cookies, no? =P i hope you loved it.
now now...who is lucky enough to get my next batch of baked goodies?


Zaim said...

i want i want your cookies!!

send it to my office. my secretary will pass it to me.

Anonymous said...

you are cute and you can bake. whoever marries you is gonna be a very lucky man.

Izyan Darling said...

u nak eh? wahhhh siap suruh send ke office tuh! baru ingat nak pass personally kat u hehehe~

thank you. =)

Zaim said...

I nak. eh macam susahkan you je nak hantar cookies tu kat i personally dah la you yang bake kan cookies tu, pastu nak wrap dengan semi gold wrapper, pastu nak ikat dengan maroon silk ribbon, nak letak little cute card bagai pastu nak pass to me personally during peak hours, macam too much plak.

how can i save your trouble?

Izyan Darling said...

tak susah. sebabnya i akan bubuh dalam bohemian crystal cookie jar, wrap dalam gold-plated wrapper, ikat dengan maroon silk ribbon, bubuh satu bunga kecik comel, complete with a self-made cute little card. pastu i akan pass kat you, ok?

to save me the trouble, nanti i bubuh je dalam bekas tow foo fa tu, pastu i pass kat you when and if i see you in court. amacam? =P

Zaim said...

Oooh. you mean you bubuh dalam bohemian crystal cookie jar, wrap dalam gold-plated wrapper, ikat dengan maroon silk ribbon, bubuh satu bunga kecik comel, complete with a self-made cute little card "with a lil poem about me" AND THEN you bubuh dalam bekas tou foo fa?

that is too much but thanks!

but what are the odds of us bumping into each other in court?

i still call for a courier servis

Zaim said...

bunga kecik comel tu apa? dafodile ke?

Izyan Darling said...

u want it to be daffodil? then daffodil it will be.
since the odds of us bumping into each other in court is very small and it would be way too much hassle for me to brave the traffic to go to your office, i guess i could use courier service. but the service is paid by my office and i don't want to be 'abusing' the service now, would i?
any other option(s)?

Malicious Mind said...

don't make me crave for ur cookies.. its bad for my bb in my belly, coz i know i won't get to taste it..

awww man..semua cookies n kek u best2 je tengok

Izyan Darling said...

awww kak dana, sorry if i buat u termengidam hehe. takpe once your baby dah delivered and once you dah habis confinement, you go stuff yourself with some good cookies ok? =)

sis said...

aww babe, thanks a lot! i feel so touched and aww-ed by this entry of yours! just fyi, your BIL loves the cookies so much that I hope there's still some left for me since the jar is now in Bath...hmm I wonder if it will make it through the week...huhuhu...thanks anyway babe! oh, I had some already, in case you're wondering. =)

Izyan Darling said...

aww babester, i should've baked more, didn't i? i forgot there's a "cookie monster" over there hehehe. glad that you both loved the cookies. *hugs*

Zaim said...

i selalu je pakai courier servis ofis i. bukan dorang cek pon. huhu

boss u cek eh?

Mama kewl said...

Wait, wait...u gotta gif some credit to da bearer/carrier of da cookies. Had to lug it all da way to UK in an already crammed bag & I think I only tasted a piece. Lucky ada Millie's cookies!

Izyan Darling said...

i don't think they check but i ni kan pekerja yang "beretika". =P

mama kewl,
ohhh thank you for lugging those cookies for me hehehe. u tasted only a piece? nvm, i'll bake some more. alah but u have Millie's cookies, x pandang lah my cookies.

Zaim said...

motif kasik i cupcake tru facebook?!!

i nak yang bebetol!! i bukan raja online yang could settle with everything virtual.

tetibe sentap. huhu

Izyan Darling said...

motifnya ialah i bagi virtual cake before (if ever) i bagi yang betul. tapi accept gak kan?

Mama kewl said...

Millie's cookies taste good but yours are better. Theirs are expensive, yours free. Theirs can only get a few but yours unlimited - as in makan puas baru berhenti.....ni nak bodek la ni. heheh