Friday, January 09, 2009

morning traffic

there was this two policemen this morning at the Jalan Semarak junction, near Menara Celcom, manning the traffic. i was running late to Court and at the traffic light one policeman was waving frantically signaling the cars to go so i hit the gas but then just as i was about to pass the traffic light, the other policeman raised his hand asking the cars to stop. what the hell! i had to hit the emergency brake. i almost speed through but i couldn't. damn you policemen! make up your bloody minds (if you have any in the first place). i couldn't help but mumble something and i saw them laughing. bloody hell.


Malicious Mind said...

hahaha. i think they did it on purpose. I find it funny

Bads said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAA... u think the did it on purpose?? i think dana maybe right..

i used to take that route to work when we were staying at our unit in seri maya but i never saw any policemen there.. despite the jam..

so don't miss the jelatek jam and the ijn jam. ugh.

Zaim said...

u takde alternative route ke? i hate that area. i know its the shortest to court but i pakai jalan jaoh gak ie jalan kuching. jem macam hanjeng gak but flowwy. i havent tried that duke highway. not sure whether that duke will direct masok duta road

Izyan Darling said...

malicious mind and bads,
tak kelakar OK! sumpah i rasa nak langgar je those two idiots. main2 pulak pagi2 tu. buatnya i terus jalan, maunya dorang saman ke apa.

itu memang laluan i sebab my house kat area situ. memang xde choice but to use that route. then i lalu depan IJN, HKL sume tu, then masuk jalan kuching. kat pekeliling punya area mmg horror, walaupun ada polis (yang most of the time berdiri2 dan berborak2).