Wednesday, July 18, 2007

stronger than caffeine

it's not a really good thing to have your office near a place where people hold exhibitions, events and what not. take the KL Convention Centre for example. every time there is an event or exhibition, the whole place and its surrounding will be overcrowded-with cars! and it's nowhere near easy to get a parking space. if you're late, you will have to resort to leaving your car keys to the parking attendants. but it's a good thing to be driving a small, cute and compact car that can easily squeeze in even in the smallest spots. =) and of course it requires some skills also. haih....getting to work in one piece gets more and more 'adventurous' each day. finding a parking spot is an adventure in itself. and it really wakes me up especially on sleepy mornings, which is like, everyday. *sigh*

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