Monday, July 30, 2007

odds and chances

i'm 5 minutes away from the twin towers. there's a great mega sale going on. the work shirts at Isetan, brand Communique to be precise are gorgeous. the colours are lovely. the white shirts are sexy. they are on sale (eventhough just a mere 30% off). gaji dah masuk. traffic is horrendous in the evening. all the more reason to go and splurge. but...what are the odds that i'll be wearing the same shirts as other people? i mean, everybody shops at Isetan, especially during this mega sale. there was one time where i saw a woman wearing the exact same shirt that i have. white with red stripes. thank God i wasn't wearing it at that time. and then there was another time when i saw another woman wearing a purple striped shirt which is exactly the same as mine. so how la? to buy or not to buy? if it's a white shirt, it's not that obvious but if it's a coloured or striped shirt, how? how would you feel if you saw somebody wearing the exact same shirt as you are? weird, right? takkan nak lari menyorok dalam toilet kot?

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