Wednesday, January 24, 2018

DIY Farewell Gifts - Popsicle People

Last year was Irene's final year in pre-school, true to the saying that all good things must come to an end. She had a wonderful 2 years in pre-school and was ready to embark on a new journey to the big kids' school, i.e. the primary school. I asked her to make some farewell gifts for her classmates as she may not be seeing most of them as everyone makes their own ways to different schools. I wanted her to make a personalized gift, something she made herself rather than buying stuffs off the rack. I came up with an idea to make Popsicle People when I saw some craft foams in the shape of a human at Popular Bookshop. I also bought some googly eyes for the people.

Gather the materials.

Craft foam, RM4.90, 8 pieces per packet

Googly eyes, RM1 for 3 pairs at Klim Craft, Ampang Point

Irene wrote 'From: Irene' at the back of the foam using a marker pen.

On the front part, she wrote 'Until we meet again!' and also pasted the googly eyes using white glue.

Let the eyes dry completely.

Attach popsicle sticks onto the back of the foam.

The finished products. Aren't they cute?

I found this cute printable owl notes on and printed them, cut and made Irene write on them to be attached to the paperbag.

The two siblings hard at work.

 These cute wooden owl clips were bought from Mr. D.I.Y.

 We bought some paperbags to put the Popsicle People together with a few other items.

Owl Miss You. Isn't that cute?

The end products. 

Irene gave her friends a bag each. I hope her friends will keep the Popsicle People and remember Irene and all their fun times and sweet memories in pre-school. 

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