Thursday, December 22, 2016

How I Created The Ice Queen Look For My Daughter

In conjunction with the Christmas seasons, shopping malls all around are having beautiful Christmas decorations and all kinds of activities were lined up especially now is also school holidays. I found out about this Little Ice King & Queen Competition when I went to Jaya Shopping Centre about two weeks ago. So I quickly registered for Babycakes to join the competition. After that, I started thinking about her costume. Obviously she doesn't have any dress that fits the theme so I started to Google for ideas and inspirations and thanks to Pinterest, there are tons of ideas for Ice Queen costume. I didn't want to spend so much on the costume but I know I still have to 'invest' some money in order for her to win. 
First up was finding the perfect dress. We vowed to stay away from being Elsa or Elsa-ish as she says that she no longer likes Frozen. Yeah, I guess the Frozen fever has passed. She used to be so obsessed with Frozen but she has now moved on to obsessing over My Little Pony. We went all the way to GM Klang to find the dress for her. We basically spent almost the whole afternoon walking from one shop to another, from Block A to Block B and then back to Block A and return to Block B again. We also went to all floors of both blocks. It sure was a workout for us! There were so many shops selling all kinds of everything and finally we found a white gown for her which is not too expensive yet looks so pretty and regal. You may not believe me but the gown costs us less than RM100. You really have to scour and look for it and you can actually find such gorgeous gowns, fit for a princess, perfect for little flower girls and so much more at such a cheap price. If I were to buy such gown at the shopping malls, it will definitely cost me more than RM150. I am not willing to spend that much on her gown.. This gown is actually a few sizes bigger as we wanted to find a long gown and not a knee-length gown. She will grow into this gown as she gets taller but at the moment, the length is just perfect for an ice queen.
I was so inspired from the ideas on Pinterest and I know a Queen needs to have a cape or a cloak so I searched hi and lo for the right material and then I found a shop selling all kinds of materials and craft supplies especially for wedding purposes. Initially I wanted to buy a soft, flannel-like or velvet-like material but one flannel-like material was selling at RM23 per meter. I think it's a bit too expensive and then as I was searching, I saw a golden shiny material. I asked if they had the material in white or silver and luckily they had. The material was already cut and packed in 1 meter length and it is only RM9 per meter. Score! I measured it on Babycakes and 1 meter was just nice, not too long and not too short. Next on my list is to look for some fur/feather to put on the edges of the material. I couldn't find any in GM Klang so I kiv the fur/feather. 
Other stuffs I bought at the same shop selling the shiny material was a pack of 12 bottles glitter dust. I almost gave up looking for them because when I asked several shops "ada jual serbuk kilat-kilat tak?" or "ada jual gold dust?" Most of the shops said no. Even the owner of the shop was confused when I asked for gold dust/serbuk kilat-kilat. She then said "Eh kejap, yang macam ni ke?" while showing me the glitter dust. I was like "Haaaaaaa yang ni la kak!" She replied, "Laaa biasanya orang sebut glitter poder (powder)". Ohkaaay~ At first I wanted to buy only these three colours but after doing some calculation, buying the whole pack of 12 is more worth the money. Even though I am only using these three colours for the competition, at least I can keep the other colours for future use. A pack of 12 bottles glitter powder/gold dust/serbuk kilat-kilat or whatever name you call it costs me RM23.50.
Since that weekend was a long weekend, the next day, we went to find other stuffs. I bought a glue gun, glue sticks, the white container and the silver Christmas ornament from Mr. D.I.Y. The white container is RM5.90 while the silver ornament is only RM1.90. I also bought a packet of 'snow' for RM3.90. I put some of the snow into the container and asked her to sprinkle the snow when she goes on stage.
Actually we bought a tiara in GM Klang for RM20 but after looking at the stuffs online, I thought that the tiara isn't fit for an ice queen. That was why I bought the glue gun- so I can create her own ice crown. You can search on Youtube for the tutorial. Trust me, it is so easy! So one night, after the kids had gone to bed, I set to work. I cannot have them around when I'm doing it because it involves hot glue and glitters. What I did was I took a piece of parchment paper and started doodling some icicles on the paper. The icicles were made in several lengths and they're pointy and jagged.
Sprinkle some white, silver and blue glitter dust while the glue is still wet and let it cool to dry. See the metal headband in the picture? I used an old headband, stripped off the ribbon and cleaned any leftover glue residue. Once the 'icicles' have dried, simply peel them off the parchment paper and attach them onto the headband using the glue gun. Be careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue though!
This is the end product. You can either make long icicles and arrange the long ones in the middle followed by the shorter ones by the side like what I did or you can make all in the same length and arrange them accordingly. Remember that they are supposed to be icicles so they shouldn't have a uniform size, length or shape.
As for her scepter, I took a plastic flag rod which is lying around the house and simply wrapped the rod with aluminum foil. Then I used my glue gun to attach the ornament on top of the rod. I only added the ribbon much later. The ribbon was a last-minute addition as I didn't have time to buy any but luckily I found some bluish and white ribbon strips lying around the house. The ribbon sure added that extra glam to the scepter.
Time was running out and I still couldn't find the fur or feather to attach to the cape. I searched online and there are a few shops selling them. I was relieved. However, I need to make sure that the item reaches me before the weekend or it will defeat the purpose. Then I called up Balloon Buzz in Hartamas Shopping Centre and asked if they had any. Thankfully they have 3 pieces of white feather boa left. I was so relieved and that evening, right after work, I dropped by Balloon Buzz to purchase the feather boa. The feather boa costs me RM29. I think the feather boa is a bit too expensive but I was left with no choice. There was an online shop selling for RM18 but I have to pay RM13.80 for shipment by GedEx. That also does not ensure that the item will reach me before the weekend. Anyway, I bought 1 piece from Balloon Buzz and cut them into two. Instead of sewing them onto the cape, I just used a lot of safety pins to attach them. First, I suck at sewing. Second, I can't recycle the shiny material without having to cut off the feather if I had sewn them together. This is how the cape looks like from behind. Pretty grand, I must say!
To complete her look, we also bought white satin gloves for her at GM Klang. This pair of gloves only costs me RM18.90. There are several shops selling for double the price. Believe it or not, we had to search for this shop again because I don't want to pay double for the exact same thing. A note to myself and a friendly reminder if you plan to shop in GM Klang, make sure you take pictures of the name, location and display of the shop so you can locate the shop easily should you wish to return. Of course I didn't buy the gloves in the first instant because I wanted to survey and walk around. This is also why we went to Block A then Block B, this floor and that floor because I couldn't locate the shop. Thankfully after so much walking and searching, we found the shop again and we bought the gloves, which fits her like a second skin. 

This is her final look. It sure took a lot of effort to create this look but I was happy to see how pretty my Babycakes is. Doesn't she look regal? She was wearing a pair of silver glitter shoes but it's covered by her gown.
To attach the cape, I simply used a silver brooch. I also put on some light makeup on her consisting of white and blue eyeshadow. 
Here are the other contestants for the day. See that Babypie doesn't want to miss out on the fun too. The first prize winners for both Ice King and Ice Queen Categories had led lights on their outfits. The Ice King had lights on his cape while the Ice Queen had lights on her dress and wings.
Babycakes won 2nd place for the Ice Queen Category and she got a Lego Friends set. She was so happy and confident enough to walk up on stage, answered the emcee's questions, sprinkled her snow and even bowed to the crowd. Most importantly she had fun and she gained yet another beautiful memory of joining this competition. Mummy had fun dressing her up too and it is all worth it seeing her happy face.

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