Thursday, August 11, 2016

I Still Love My Waffles

Remember in my earlier post, I was not happy with my Bayers 3 in 1 Waffle/Donut/Sandwich maker? I decided to return the item for a replacement the following week. Luckily there is a Mailboxes near my office so I get to drop my parcel there for free after filling up the relevant return form. Initially I thought of asking for a refund or a store credit but I only paid RM19 for the item because RM50 was from a voucher so it would be a waste. I had no choice but to ask for a replacement of the same item.
I dropped my parcel off on Monday and received the replacement item a few days later. 

Saturday morning came and it's a perfect time for waffles for breakfast. I was eager to test my new waffle maker. I used the exact same recipe that I used previously, just so that I can compare with my previous experience. Recipe: The Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever.
As you can clearly see from the pictures above, there was hardly any difference from my previous waffle-making experience. The picture above is the top part of the waffle, which hardly browned and hardly have the deep grids, unlike the bottom part. So frustrating. This time too takes a long time for the waffle to cook. And yes, I had to flip the waffle for the top part to cook. It is so frustrating.

Because of that, I got so fed up of waiting I ended up making mini pancakes or pikelets as some people call it, using the same batter. I simply poured small dollops of the batter onto my non-stick frying pan and voila! I managed to freeze a few pieces of these mini pancakes and a couple pieces of the waffles. I heated them in the microwave, slathered some good chocolate spread and sandwiched them together, cut them into little pieces and put a food pick so that it becomes no-mess-breakfast-on-the-go for Babycakes to eat in the car on the way to school.
Now that I have tried using the same recipe using two different waffle makers, I can't make a concrete conclusion just yet. It could also be that the recipe isn't working for me or the recipe doesn't work with my waffle maker. So next time I shall try a different recipe. I am not giving up on my love for waffles. And I am not gonna let the waffle maker go to waste! I shall search for another recipe and I will try them out.

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