Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Homemade Raya Cookies

I was so ambitious this raya that I thought I want to make a few types of raya cookies. I saved recipes from Facebook, I saved recipes from Pinterest, I printed several recipes and bought the ingredients. However, sad to say I only manage to make one, I repeat, ONE type of raya cookies. And I'm not really proud of it. 
The good thing is, Babycakes helped me in making the cookies which she finds so interesting as the cookie dough feels like play doh to her. I followed the recipe religiously but the dough was quite soft that it was hard to roll them with a rolling pin. It was also hard to cut them into shapes but we managed eventually.
So these are my raya cookies. They are a mixture of star and heart shaped cookies and some were sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles which Babycakes find so much joy in doing so, some were added with chocolate chips, some were big, some were small. Rest assured that these cookies were made for personal consumption and I don't intend to serve them to any guests. LOL. 

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