Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Short Girl Problem

I am a short girl. Not only short, I am also chubby and plump. I was never thin, slim or skinny. I was slightly slimmer a few years back when I was still single but then life happens- I got married, I gave birth to two amazing kids and you know what pregnancy and childbirth do to your body/ Let's just say they go to all kinds of direction that they're not supposed to.
Anyway, people often say that going shopping is a therapy but to me, sometimes it gives me more headache and stress because it is quite hard for me to find something that I like in my size. And to make it worse, the cuttings of clothing varies by a lot in different brands. I may fit into a L in brand A but for brand B, I'm an XL. Sometimes I can't even fit an XL in brand C and on the other hand, I can fit a size M in brand D. You get the drill? Damn hard I tell you. The picture above is a picture of me trying on a pair of cropped pants at a store. Does it look cropped to you? No. Simply because I am short. I am not even 155cm so go figure. It's like neither here nor there. Sigh. But I bought it anyway because it was on sale. And it fits me nicely. Don't get me started with online shopping. You have no idea how many times I have returned my items. Sigh.
Who else has the same problem with me?

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