Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Kind of Dinner

I am always on the lookout for one meal dishes or one pot meals for dinner because as much as I love cooking for my little family, I just hate the cleaning up part. Even though I am tempted to buy food from outside, I try to refrain from doing so too often because I have two small kids and I need them to eat healthily and by cooking for them, I know exactly what is inside the dishes. Bonus is when I cook extra for the next day's breakfast/lunch/snack. One of the easiest meals which I always cook is chicken soup with vegetables. This soup is versatile that I can either eat with rice, noodles like meehoon, yellow mee, mee suah or macaroni. My kids love soups and to be honest I don't mind cooking this a few times a week. It is also healthier than having fried stuffs. Oh, it also saves up on the cleaning up!

This is a bowl of mee suah with chicken balls, shitake mushrooms, chinese cabbage and carrots. Clearly I have too much in my fridge that day. This is one way to get the kids to eat their veges. This time I used a chicken stock cube to flavour the soup. Technically this is not a one pot meal because I fried some shallots and garlic in butter and a bit of olive oil in a separate frying pan. When the onions are fragrant, I poured the mixture into the pot of boiling soup. This brings out the flavour even more. So there you go, comfort food in a bowl.

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