Friday, November 27, 2015

Affordable Lunch Set

With prices of foods and stuffs increasing each time like crazy, it is not easy to get a nice decent meal at an affordable price. However, there is this one cafe/restaurant near my office called Backofen in Desa Sri Hartamas that provides lunch sets for  RM15. 

The set lunch menu. They change the menu too but I am not sure how often. I have been here several times and have ordered different things before. So pop in and see what they have on the menu for the day.

You can also go ala-carte. They have a variety of foods to choose from like pasta, pizza, pancakes and mostly western dishes. 

 Some of the foods on the menu.

 These are part of my set lunch. Today's soup is onion soup. It comes with a slice of bread.

Today I chose the Lamb With Oregano Sauce. There are two pieces of lamb on that plate. The lamb is juicy and tender.

 They also have a selection of cakes to choose from.

These cakes are selling at only RM5.90 per slice. That is so cheap! Where can you get a slice of cake with that price in KL? If you can, please tell me! I'd love to try. I bought a slice of Mango Cheesecake for takeaway. I shall have it at teatime later. Honestly I was spoiled for choice. I wanted the Caramelised Mocha Cheesecake, I wanted the Carrot Pecan Cheesecake, I wanted the Hazelnut Choc Espresso cake. But the Mango Cheesecake caught my eye so I settled for that slice for today. I will write a review about it once I have tasted it.

 Apart from the cakes mentioned above, they also sell a variety of pastries OMG!

I mean, just look at the long line of pastries and pies. And they are only RM3.50-RM3.90 per slice! 

If you happen to be in Desa Sri Hartamas, why don't you check this place out. This is their Facebook page to get the exact location and details. I am just a happy customer that I thought of sharing. Good things must be shared, right?

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