Thursday, March 05, 2015

Groceries Shopping Made Easy

I love to do groceries shopping as I can pick and choose what stuffs I want and need to cook for my little family. However, groceries shopping these days is very challenging and not to mention tiring because I have an infant on tow. When it was just Babycakes, we would put her in the trolley and push the trolley and she'll be more than happy to sit and enjoy the ride. Well, that was when she barely had a mind of her own. Fast forward to the current time, she is like a ball of energy who has a mind of her own. We would put Babypie in the stroller but Babycakes would insist on sitting in her stroller too. However this would be impossible for both of us to be pushing a stroller each as we need a trolley to put our stuffs in. It also doesn't help that Babycakes would want to sit in the stroller for one minute, and the next minute she would want to walk around. We would try to persuade her to sit in the trolley. She is also at the stage where she wants everything in her sight especially if it's some toy or chocolate or whatever, really. Try reasoning to a 3year old and chances are, you will fail miserably. 
Another challenge is when we needed to unload the grocery bags to our home. The downside of staying in a high-rise building is when you have to carry so many bags up to your house, it is very inconvenient. We used to have a small cart-like box with wheels where we can put our stuffs in and pull it with us. But it is small and it is broken now. Eventhough we have elevators going up to our floor, it is just so inconvenient to carry so many bags at one go. Mind you, we have to carry Babypie's carrier which weighs a ton, alongside the groceries bags. 
So yesterday for the first time, we got our groceries delivered right to our doorstep. Thank God for technology, we can now shop for groceries via Almost everyday we would see the Tesco lorry in our housing area and we always thought how convenient it is to just shop online. So we finally did. No more struggling with our toddler and infant at the supermarkets, no more long queues, no more hassle of carrying the groceries bags. Phew. So much time and energy saved.
Babycakes was excited when the delivery guy came and sent the stuffs. She said "Mummy, orang tu hantar makanan. Ada banana. Kenapa orang tu bagi makanan dekat kita? Kenapa banyak barang? Kakak nak banana. Oooo ada kicap jugak? Mummy beli ke?" In case you didn't notice, this ball of energy also talks and ask questions non-stop. 
So yes, apart from the non-perishable items, I also ordered chicken ribs, chicken thighs, squids, some leafy vegetables and fruits. Best part is, you can book a slot as to when you want your items to be delivered and depending on the time, it is free of charge. This kind of service really helps a lot especially for families with small kids or simply if you have no time to go to the supermarket. Everything is at your fingertips now. What are you waiting for?

p/s: This is not a sponsored post.

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