Thursday, February 05, 2015

Bear With Me

I have so many stories to share but either I have no time to write them or when I do, I'd be too lazy or would have forgotten what to write. Therefore, I shall list down the things I intend to share, in no particular order:
  • Our trip to Perth in May 2014
  • Babycakes' Frozen themed birthday party
  • The birth story of Mohamad Isaac Rizal a.k.a Babypie
  • Our family holiday to Melbourne and Sydney on New Year's Eve
  • How my life changed now that I have an infant and a toddler
  • The day Babycakes and I joined a pageant competition at Isetan KLCC
  • The day I took Babycakes for a casting at a modelling agency
  • Some of the baked goods that I made
 These are some of the things that I remember as of now. I will slowly write them, Insyaallah. Stay tuned!

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