Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Patience Running Thin

I find myself easily irritated, easily annoyed and easily angered these days. I know it's unhealthy for me and the people around me but sometimes I cannot help it. Perhaps it's the soreness and tiredness of being heavily pregnant at this stage, not having enough and proper comfortable sleep and also having to deal with certain people who managed to push my annoying button by the simplest things. 
Things at home weren't all sweet and rosy either. Babycakes have been testing my patience. She has been so whiny, clingy and super duper difficult. People keep telling me that the nearer the new baby is due, the more clingy she will be because she knows she will no longer be the only one so she's probably milking out our attention more than ever. She is also turning three in a month's time and they say three year olds are worst than terrible twos. Hoo boy. I hope it's just a myth because I sure hope she will be much more pleasant when the new baby is here. I can't imagine having to deal with post-partum, a newborn and also a three year old. Dear Allah please give me the patience and the strength.
Getting sick while heavily pregnant is also not a good thing when your patience is running thin. I was sick during the fasting month and now I am sick again. Getting sick twice in a span of one month is no joke. Every time I cough, my tummy hurts because of the pressure. And I would also feel the urge to pee, if I had not accidentally peed already. -_- Sorry, tmi but we are all adults here, aren't we? I was advised by the doctor to drink plenty of fluids but you know when you have a little person literally squishing and squeezing your bladder, you will feel the urge to pee every few minutes or so.


Far said...

Just try and get Irene involved with the baby as early as possible. What we did was got Ryan a gift which I brought in my hospital bag and say it's from the baby when Ryan first came and visit me and the twins :)

We also got him small trinkets from Daiso which we will give him in case ppl come and give baby presents but not him. We also get him to unwrap the present and let him play with it. Declare that she's your "assistant" and get her involved with getting diapers, choose baju for adik etc. and one thing that i do until today is I will set aside at least 10minutes each day for just Ryan....

Tantrums will still happen but it may minimize it *inshaAllah* Good luck with the last trimester :)

Izyan Darling said...

TQ so much for the much needed tips Far! Really appreciate it. As of now, she does help with putting away and sorting out baby clothes and I asked her whether she can share toys with the baby etc. So far she seems excited. I did tell her to help me fetch baby's clothes, diapers, put on booties & mittens on the baby later etc so I hope it will get ingrained in her mind.

But those tips about getting a present 'from the baby' and little trinkets from Daiso are really useful! Never have I thought about it. Thank you thank you thank you! xx

Anonymous said...

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