Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Which is worst?

Contractions or leg cramps?

Both are terrible but for now my answer is the latter. Last night was the first time I had a leg cramp for this pregnancy and boy oh boy oh boy oh boy it hurts like motherf***er!! Sorry for the foul language in this holy month but if there's one word to describe the pain, that would be it.
It happened at 4am. Babycakes was stirring in her sleep so I tried to calm her down. Then I turned to check my phone for the time and when I turned back, BAM! It struck my right calf  without warning. It was so.damn.painful I woke hubby up. He helped push the sole of my feet towards me. It helped a bit but the pain was excruciating. My leg was bent and I couldn't even move it because a slight movement will intensify the pain. It lasted for a few minutes but it felt like an eternity. It was so painful I even cried complete with tears rolling down my cheeks. I just couldn't bear the pain. I asked hubby to spray  the Mothercare It's Your Body Leg And Foot Cooling Spritz which I had by the bedside table. It didn't help at all. I massaged my calf a bit and it eventually ease. Phew.
I can still feel a slight pain on my calf and I foresee more cramps in the future. God please have mercy on me. I know it is common and all especially in the 2nd trimester but it was just too much to bear. What if it happens when I'm driving or when I am walking in Court? Ughhh.
Now I wonder, how am I gonna bear the pain of contractions later on? >.<
I shall not think of scary thoughts. So my mind wanders off and started thinking about food. And now I am craving for some kuih badak berendam and kuih puteri mandi. I searched on youtube and it intensified the cravings even more. Damn it.

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