Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cheap activity part 1

There are so many websites and ideas on pinterest on how to keep your kid occupied and at the same time hone their fine motor skills at a very cheap price, using materials you have at home. At one point or another, your kid would get tired of the toys that they have and you can't be buying toys every so often now, can you? So gather your materials and let your kid have fun.

For this activity, the materials you need are:
  1. Tissue paper cardboard tube(s)
  2. Masking tape
  3. Small items e.g. cotton balls, small wooden pegs, paper clips, small balls or you can even roll up aluminium foil to form small balls. Make sure the size is small enough to fit through the tubes
  4. A willing model and participant a.k.a your kid
Of course Babycakes couldn't help but stop and struck a pose for Mummy. Sigh melts my heart every time she poses like that.
p/s: kindly excuse the laundry basket in the background

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