Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blind Date

Going to the court for the first case management or mention feels a bit like going on a blind date. Not sure if today there is such thing called blind dates anymore because of social media. At least you know the name of your future blind date and also how he/she looks like, provided that he/she puts up his/her real name and his/her real picture of course.
Whereas, when you go to court for the first time (for a new case), you only know the name of your opponent's legal firm. You won't know which lawyer is attending and you won't know whether the lawyer is a female or a male lawyer. When you reach court, you would be looking and guessing which one of the many lawyers is your opponent. If you are bold enough (of course you have to be bold, you're a lawyer, duuh!), you could ask one by one "excuse me, are you from XX?" But that would consume so much time unless you are lucky and you strike at the first few attempts or when the lawyer from the particular firm that you are looking for is nearby and heard your question. Otherwise, you could just wait until your case is called and then only you meet your opponent.
To think of it, it is more complicated than a blind date, huh?

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