Wednesday, September 05, 2012

buns, anyone?

There is this one vegetarian bakery & cafe near my office which sells vegetarian buns. I am not a vegan and I have never really tried vegetarian foods. This bakery cafe sells buns, cakes, a bit of sushi, biscuits, the occasional fruits e.g dragonfruits, aloe vera, pomegranate etc. I've tried a few of their vegan buns and sushi and it is not that bad but I've tasted fluffier and tastier buns. Their buns are more dense. On some days, they would even have 'overnight buns' where they would sell them at 50% off. The cost for each bun is not expensive, ranging from RM1.40 to RM2.50 or so. Sometimes I would buy the fresh buns and yesterday I tried to buy the 'overnight buns' and they taste just like any other buns. I had a heavy breakfast so I bought some buns for lunch/tea. I bought three buns and they cost me only RM2.50. Pretty economical, right? I don't mind buying the 'overnight buns' as I can always dunk them in coffee.
The thing about buns with fillings that I don't like is that the filling will only be in the middle of the bun. See Exhibit A.

EXHIBIT A. Look how they 'tease' you with a sneak peek of what's inside. It's kaya, btw.

Now let us all look at EXHIBIT B. My first bite was quite big but there is still no sign of the kaya.
EXHIBIT C: When you come to the middle part of the bun, there is a huge dollop of kaya right smack in the middle so much so that it didn't balance with the bun. Refer to Exhibit D.
EXHIBIT D. Too much kaya in one bite.

Why can't they spread the kaya evenly all over the bun so that with every bite, you get a bit of the sweetness of the kaya to balance out the bland taste of the bun?
So that was my bun-eating experience.  Care to share yours?

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