Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i need strength

i start work today after a two month maternity leave and it is the worst feeling ever. now i know how every mother feels like when having to leave their babies in the care of someone else. if that someone else is a family member e.g mother, mother in law, aunt, relative it would be a different story but leaving your baby in the care of a total stranger is a different story and a different feeling altogether. of course it's someone we trust but the feeling is still not the same.
i was a complete waterworks since last night when it really dawned on me that i no longer have the luxury of spending every single minute with my baby. when i looked at her face, my tears came by and in fact i'm getting watery eyed as i type this. *sigh* it is such a heavy feeling but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Irene at two months young on 1 Muharram. i'm gonna stop now before the waterworks start!


grenlina said...

mmg macam tu la feeling semua ibu-ibu yg bekerja kat dunia ni. bila anak tu demam or sakit and kite terpaksa bekerja lagi perit nak tinggal anak-anak yg dependent ni. in fact smpai sekrg pon every morning akak peluk and cium fitrah kuat-kuat mcm 1st time akak anta dia ke nursery after my maternity leave. mmg berat but i dont have any other better choice.
p/s: irene tinggal ngan sape?

Izyan Darling said...

yes, we have no better choice as we can't afford not to work at the moment. irene hantar kat orang jaga. since dia sangat kecik lagi, tak mau hantar nursery.

idzerqqy said...

same la izyan, if you read my blog you would know how much i have blogged about the pressure of working and being a mom..sigh. apa nak buat. We women do everything