Sunday, April 17, 2011

telenovela follower?

Before I started working, I took a short break. What better thing to do at home than watching and following a Filipino telenovela? I am not so much of an Indon telenovela fan so when TV3 started showing a Filipino telenovela titled Marimar, I thought that it would be interesting to follow. The thing about telenovela is, once you've started watching an episode, you'll be glued and hooked to follow the whole thing. I noticed that the difference between a Filipino telenovela and an Indon telenovela is that, Indon telenovelas tend to be very lengthy and dragging and in one episode, there's not so much progress whereby it's the total opposite of the Flipino telenovela (or at least the one that I watched). In one episode, a lot of things can happen, a lot of events took place and if you missed one episode, it's like you miss an entire week's progress.
At first my mum was not so keen of watching Marimar but when she saw me watch it, she liked it as well and now she's hooked to it (and she has the cheek to blame it on me LOL). When I wasn't working, I watched it almost every day and if I missed it, she'll watch for me and will tell me what I missed and vice versa. Now that I've started working, mum has been watching it for me and she will give me weekly updates and boy does Marimar has come a long way.
However, mum is in UK now and will be there for 2 weeks and the question now is, who's gonna watch Marimar? arrghhhh!! I tried to watch it on but the show can only be watched on Everytime I tried to open tonton, it failed me. WTF. Internet connection at my house is fine and I opened it only at night but I still can't get through it is so frustrating. grrrr!! I searched on youtube and there are videos of it but with no english or malay subtitle. WTH I don't understand Tagalog. oh damn.
Any ideas where I can find the video? *sigh* If you've been a follower of a series and you are no longer able to watch it, you will definitely understand my frustration.

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~Sis~ said...

Mummy frust takleh bukak Marimar from here. Tapi berita semua ok pulak. Rubbish!