Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a nightly battle

i have been having sleepless nights. every night when i turn off the lights, i will hear the annoying sound of mosquitoes ringing in my ears. the weird thing is, before i turn off the lights, there was no mosquitoes at all. but the moment i hit the bed, they magically appear out of nowhere. WTF? i closed my windows early so where the hell did they come from? it is bloody annoying. what is most annoying is that they always berlegar-legar around the face area and then when you tried to smack them, you ended up smacking your face, which becomes more annoying. no amount of sprays or vape mats can kill them. damn it. i ended up pening because of the smell. and when one does not get enough sleep, one becomes cranky. and when one is cranky, one gets easily annoyed. when one gets annoyed, one becomes pissed off and the chain continues...all because of the annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes.


Anonymous said...

be careful sekarang kes denggi/chikugunya on the rise.

Izyan Darling said...

thank u for the reminder. =)